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Welcome to Cambridge!

As you might have guessed, Cambridge is the next open-source falling-block game engine - written and maintained exclusively by Milla, joezeng and Oshisaure.

The Discord server has been reopened!

Downloads + How to run Cambridge



64-Bit Download (pick this if you’re not sure)

32-Bit Download

Extract the contents of the .zip file into a folder and run cambridge.exe.

Bleeding Edge / Unstable

Keep in mind that this is an unstable version and there is a chance that the game might crash.

Make sure that you have LÖVE installed: https://love2d.org/

Then download the source code for Cambridge over at https://github.com/MillaBasset/cambridge/archive/master.zip. Extract the .zip file, open a command prompt inside the cambridge-master folder and then then run this command to launch Cambridge:

dist\windows\love.exe .

For 32-Bit Windows installations, you’ll have to run this instead:

dist\win32\love.exe .

macOS and Linux

If you haven’t already, install love with your favourite package manager (Homebrew on macOS, your system’s default on Linux). Make sure you’re using LÖVE 11, because it won’t work with earlier versions! You will need it for both Stable and Bleeding Edge / Unstable releases.


Download (cambridge-other.zip, a universal version that works on any OS that can run .love files using love)

Extract the contents of the .zip file into a folder, open the Terminal in the extracted folder and then run love cambridge.love.

Bleeding Edge / Unstable

Keep in mind that this is an unstable version and there is a chance that the game might crash.

You have two options:

From there, head into the repository folder (either cambridge or cambridge-master depending on which route you took) and execute love . - that’s all there is to it.

Installing modpacks

Yes indeed, Cambridge supports modpacks! However, it should be noted that since these are not part of the main Cambridge experience, your mileage in terms of how well they work may vary. If this doesn’t deter you, go to the Cambridge Modpack repository over at GitHub to get a taste of the mod potential.


  • Milla for writing these credits originally and developing the game!
  • Lilla Oshisaure for being my co-dev!
  • joezeng for the original project, and for offering to help with the expansion!
  • The Tetra Legends Discord for supporting me and playtesting!
  • The Absolute Plus for being another source of motivation!
  • sinefuse for hosting this document on t-sp.in and help with other small bits and bobs!

More special thanks can be found in-game, under the “Credits” menu.

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